For over 70 years West End Garage has been at the forefront of the automotive industry, embracing new technology as it appears (and sometimes developing its own ideas and products), adapting to trends and fluctuations in the market which are inevitable in this fast moving world, keeping up with the times and keeping your transport on the road.Degassing

Our tanker refurbishment facilities now include a revolutionary degassing system approved by Boeing, NATO and Eurofighter Command. Consistent standards of quality ensure that the work keeps rolling in, with more and more household names appearing on a daily basis.

One of the problems with any kind of fuel tank is rendering it safe. Until now, high pressure steam cleaning has been a very time consuming process with the drawbacks of polluted water, possible residues left in the tanks, and the ever-present environmental officer leaning over your shoulder. This has all changed. West End are delighted to offer a revolutionary degassing system. Developed specifically for use in oil refineries, road tankers, aircraft and confined spaces, the system has been approved by major organisations including Boeing and NATO.

This system is both environmentally friendly and intrinsically safe - undeniably important features in line with today's need to create a better, greener world. Additionally the procedure is very fast, thus drastically reducing downtime.

This innovative system has no electrical involvement - it is totally air driven. The forced air contains a biodegradable additive and this is the key to the whole operation. The formulation includes amongst other things enzymes and encapsulating agents making it a safe, non-hazardous operation for both the engineers and the environment.

This fully portable unit can treat toxins, petroleum products and items of the MEK group. It is highly effective in reducing the LEL in container vessels that may collect explosive vapours.